Ducati 3D Extreme

Ducati 3D Extreme 1.0.27

Experience the thrill of riding a Ducati


  • Slick graphics
  • Choice of game modes
  • Range of riders
  • Modify your bike


  • You can only ride a Ducati!

Very good

Ducati 3D Extreme lets you experience the thrill of driving a superbike, from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Many of us dream of owning a Ducati motorbike but for most the closest we can get to the thrill of hurtling along on one is to play games like 3D Ducati Extreme.

This racer for Java-enabled mobile phones, sees you take to the roads on a monster bike. Ducati 3D Extreme takes place over three different locations in Italy, each with three or four different game modes, including Time Attack, Race, Race Line and Eliminator. All of these are great fun to play and a choice of characters, modifications, and unlockable power-ups make Ducati 3D Extreme on that you'll want to keep coming back to.

The only problem is that this level of variety doesn't extend to the bikes themselves. As you might expect from a game called Ducati 3D Extreme, you can only choose from Ducati bikes, and although there are a few to pick from, I would've liked to have seen other manufacturers represented.

In terms of its graphics and overall presentation, Ducati 3D Extreme looks great. The bikes are well-rendered and true-to-life, while the animation is fast and smooth. Music and sound effects are well used and not too annoying.

If you want to get an idea of what it feels like to ride a powerful motorbike, Ducati 3D Extreme provides you with a way to do so from your phone.

Ducati 3D Extreme


Ducati 3D Extreme 1.0.27

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